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The lesson ends, but free speaking practice never ends.

We can talk to you on a variety of topics:


  • About the weather in your region or about your last trip

  • About your work or school (this way you can quickly remember the words and expressions you need)

  • About your pets or anything that makes you feel emotional, because our emotions are what makes us move forward, this is life!

Why WhatsApp speaking practice is important?

Process of learning by WhatsApp:

  • You get nervous when you know that you are being recorded via voice messages.

  • You make more mistakes than a usual conversation.

  • When you make more mistakes, you correct yourself and re-record your messages.

  • Finally, your teacher can correct your mistakes and your speaking improves much faster.


Ghenadie Frecautan, Romanian Pilot

As a flight instructor, I can say that Tangloo is not just a way to improve my English but it is a big chance for me to overcome my problems in understanding and speaking English. Teachers at Tangloo motivated and encouraged me to learn English in a very special way. If you want a teacher who does not leave you alone and always keeps you in the state of learning English even if you are very busy, then you must choose a teacher from Tangloo. I completed more than 12 lessons with Tangloo and I can say that after this, I have noticed a big difference in my speaking level.

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Alexey Kropotin
Russian Pilot

Tangloo is a very good website. Teachers at Tangloo have a clear accent and it is easy to understand them. They prepared me for the ICAO level 4 Aviation exam in a very short time. I just took 16 lessons with Tangloo and right after that I was able to pass my exam. I work as a co-pilot in Aeroflot. Our company has very strict requirements regarding the English language. Teachers at Tangloo understood the test very well and managed to help me. I hope that Tangloo will continue to help other pilots in the future as well.

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Karolina Toss
Polish soldier

I love having lessons with Tangloo because the teachers here are very funny and cooperative. Schedule is very flexible and organized. What I love about Tangloo is that I can always stay in touch with the teachers even if the lesson finishes. I can notice a great improvement in my pronunciation and vocabulary. I recommend to join this amazing way of learning.