Success is reality

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Main idea Stars are gone, it means that the night is over and the day time has come. Therefore, you cannot see the moon because of the bright sunlight, it is not true that the moon doesn’t exist but you just cannot see it. Similarly, people have some special skills but they may not realize it. Therefore, it is time to realize the reality that you have a special skill but you just need to discover it. Once you discover your special skill, you need to accept and work on it. By following these steps success will be your reality and reality is hidden in success. Success is reality Stars are gone, Moon is still there but you can't see it anywhere. It’s just like the skill inside you it's there but you can’t see it. It's time to realize the reality, It’s time to accept the reality, It's time to move on with the reality, Because reality is success, Success is reality. By Parker Date: 10/03/2020