Why online english courses are the best way to learn?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Imagine that you have a very important meeting with your boss and guess what? Your boss is from an English speaking country. So what are your options? To go out of your home and find a real-life language school, lose your time in traffic congestions, pay much more than expected, or find an online English course from your comfortable sofa or bed without wasting much time and effort. Nowadays, there are hundreds of websites offering online English courses. However, it depends on the needs and requirements of the students.

For example, some students want to have free English classes online, while others require much more professional development in their speaking skills for their jobs. Therefore, they are ready to pay for learning English online. Keeping both kinds of students in view, Tangloo has divided its services into two parts namely a private lesson via Zoom and free speaking practice via Whatsapp.